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Land Rover Discovery Lug Wrench

The lug wrench is probably one of the most important tools to carry at all times. In the case of the Land Rover Discovery, as well as the Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Series the lug wrench required is 1-1/16. I have bent two factory lug wrenches trying to get the lug nuts off,…

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The Trouble with Air Lockers

Air Locker for Land Rover Discovery Series 1

The Discovery has ARB Air Lockers on the front and rear axles, which was a major selling point for purchasing it. Over the last two years of ownership, they have had mixed results overall. Here a few reasons I am not fully sold on Air Lockers: Too many moving parts in the system. In order…

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Discovery 1 Stereo Replacment: Factory Amp Bypass Wiring

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to replacing the factory radio in a Land Rover Discovery Series 1, but rather just some pointers on how to tap into the factory wiring. While the removal and installationĀ of a new head unit it pretty straight forward, getting sound to actually comeĀ out to the speakers turned…

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